Ultimate Hero Clash 2

How about a final battle between Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles?

Ultimate Hero Clash 2 is the second edition of the popular fighting game which features a lot of different characters. The main reason why this game was added to our website is that it features power rangers and ninja turtles among the characters. The graphics of the game is pretty nice and the huge variety of characters makes it legendary. All of the characters have different skills and powers. For newbie player it can seem a bit difficult because there are a lot of controls and combo attacks here but practice is all you need. Enjoy the Ultimate Hero Clash 2 game for free at our website. Check out the game controls below.
[Left] or [right] arrows - move.
[Up arrow] - jump
[Down arrow] - block
[Z] - punch
[X] - kick
[Z]+[X] - do a spin attack
[Space] - use a special attack